We want to be able to facilitate your cash needs as smoothly as possible.  Here are some of the questions most asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

All we require is that you own  the item you are wanting  to  borrow against.

We do not  check your credit rating, and  previous bad credit  isn’t a problem

There are no other costs on top of the interest. eg  Contract and storage fees

Minimum Requirements

As a minimum we need from you:

  • Your driver’s licence or photo ID – passport
  • Two forms that confirms your name and current address
    • Electricity Account
    • Water Account
    • Rates Notice
    • Bank Statement
    • Rent Receipt

How Do I Apply?

Just follow the steps – click here

How quickly can I get the cash?

You can have your cash in less than 30 minutes

What happens if I have a bad credit rating?

No problems, we can still help you.

Do I need to own the car, boat, truck or motor bike?


How is my asset held?

The vehicle is kept in secure undercover storage.


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